A candidate’s overall score is comprised of the total marks from each of the 3 interview stations. Each station is weighted the same. Each station has a number of domains that candidates have opportunities to score points in. During the portfolio station the interviewers will also validate your self-assessment questions and allocate scores for this.

As of 2018 the maximum score available was 216 and this is divided equally between the three interview stations.

The Clinical Station  Scores are split equally between the two scenarios. Points are given for:

  • Clinical skills and knowledge
  • Judgement under pressure and prioritisation
  • Communication
The Management Station Scores are divided between the presentation and the scenario:

  • For the presentation points are given for:
    • Content
    • Presentation skills
    • Questioning
  • For the scenario points are given for:
    • Probity, professional  integrity, safety and ethics
    • Judgement under pressure and prioritisation
    • Communication
The Portfolio Station Points are given for:

  • Extra degrees (BSc, PhD etc)
  • Courses (ATLS, BSS etc)
  • Prizes, awards and distinctions
  • Clinical/procedural experience
  • Audit/Quality Improvement Projects
  • Research publications/presentations
  • Teaching
  • Commitment to surgery
  • Portfolio organisation

Remember the interviewers are there to help you get maximum marks so if they are moving you on from one topic to another that means you have got all the marks in that domain, or that there are more important domains to focus on .