The CorePrep mock interview

Dates for the next CST mock interview to be confirmed – held at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford

Realistic interview circuit

Delivered by top ranking surgeons

Portfolio review

Top tips for interview success

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  • A highly realistic mock interview circuit based on the UK national selection interviews:
    • Same scoring system and station timings
    • Candidates are expected to dress and behave as they would for the real interviews
    • Candidates will be asked to bring their portfolios and prepare a short talk on a topic that will be emailed out before hand for the presentation part of the management station
  • Before the mock circuit you have been allocated to there will be a short introduction and explanation of how the circuit will be run
  • Afterwards there will be a feedback round with time to go back into each station and receive personalised feedback and advice from the interviewers


  • The content on our website is designed to cover all the topics and knowledge you will need to prepare for your interview
  • However, there is no way of simulating the stress and pressure of a real interview using online methods
  • The mock interview is not designed to test that you have comprehensive knowledge of everything that will be asked in your interview but more to test how you present yourself, deliver your answers and behave as a professional in a pressured setting
  • Used in conjunction with our online question bank there is no better preparation for the Core Surgical Training interviews


  • The mock interviews will be held in the George Pickering Education Centre on Level 3 of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford
  • For more information on how to get to the John Radcliffe hospital and for parking information see

John Radcliffe exterior

John Radcliffe interior

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