The table below shows the latest update of the CST jobs per deanery for the 2024 selection round. During the Core Surgical Training application, each region releases the number of jobs they have available. This number often varies, and may not be confirmed until the last minute.

There are approximately 600 UK Core Surgical Training posts per year.

Please note that Competition Rates for jobs vary between deaneries.


East Midlands 38-43
East of England tbc
Kent, Surrey, Sussex 35-39
London 89-93
Northern (North East) 29
North West (NW) 45-55
North West (Mersey) 24-31
South West (peninsula) 19-22
South West (Severn) 0-25
Thames Valley (Oxford) 23
Scotland 50-55
Wessex 23-26
West Midlands 50-60
Yorkshire and Humber 54
Wales 39-45


Once all the jobs have been released, applicants then have to rank them in order of preference. How well candidates perform in their interview determines how likely they are to get their first preference. Some Core Surgical posts are themed towards a particular surgical sub specialty.

Map of UK core surgical training application deaneries