The 2024 Core Surgical Training interview dates were 19th-28th February. The timeline and key dates for the 2024 application round are shown below:

Adverts appearBy 5pm on 25th October 2023
Applications openAt 10am on 26th October 2023
Applications closeAt 4pm on 23rd November 2023
Invitations to MSRABy 19th December 2023
MSRA window4th January to 16th January 2024
Evidence upload window closes14th February 2024
Invites to interview sent8th February 2024
Interview dates19th February to 28th February 2024
Preferences openBy 5pm on 13th February 2024
Preferences close5th March 2024
Initial offers releasedBy 5pm on 26th March 2024
Hold deadlineBy 1pm on 4th April 2024
Upgrade deadlineBy 4pm on 9th April 2024
Interview scoresheet releasedTBC

The Core Surgical Training application for England, Wales and Scotland takes place at a national level (Northern Ireland applications are done separately), and is coordinated by the Health Education London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Recruitment Office. The application window opens once per year at about the start of November. Applications are submitted via the Oriel Recruitment Portal and each region releases the Job Numbers available. As part of the application, candidates have to sit the MSRA exam and complete a set of Self-assessment Questions. 1,200 candidates are then invited for a remote interview.

Please note: the information above is the most up-to-date at the time of publication but the Core Surgical Training interview dates are subject to change at any point.

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Core Surgical Training interview dates